Are you starting to consider hosting webinars? If you have, chances are you have looked into different webinar delivery platforms…. Your first reaction is probably is YIKES!

It can be overwhelming, there are so many different webinar platforms to choose from. Which is the best for you? What is the cost? Many of you may not be ready to signup for a monthly or annual plan. You are just dipping your toes in the webinar water.

Today I am going to be talking about some FREE options. My first one is:

YouTube Live, it’s a great FREE platform. It enables you to schedule your webinar live streams. It offers screen sharing, sharing of slides. You are able to invite multiple hosts. It’s user friendly interface is quick to learn after a few sessions.

Benefits of YouTube Live

  • Multiple hosts
  • Screen sharing
  • Slide sharing eg powerpoint
  • host a private event or a public event
  • If hosting a public event, great for SEO
  • Live chat feature- available
  • Edit video after the Session in YouTube video editor
  • Download video After session
  • Anyone with the webinar link can watch

I have used YouTube Live many times for myself and my clients – I have found it a great alternative to paid webinar software.

Facebook Live for Webinars

Facebook book Live is another great option. You are able to host FREE live sessions via your Facebook Page. It offers screen sharing and live chat. Starting a session is easy!

Benefits of Facebook Live

  • Multiple hosts
  • Screen sharing
  • Live chat
  • Download session video

I have used Facebook Live, and found it works great if you are using it as a discussion with your viewers. If you are screen sharing with your viewers, you are not able to come back on after that. You have to end the live session.

Also, I notice that depending on your internet connection, it can be pixelated and can lose the connection. If you are in a rural location it can be frustrating.

Here are two great FREE options to help you get started hosting online sessions without having to break the bank. Do you have a FREE or low cost webinar suggestion? Let me know, post in the comments below.