Hello, and welcome. My name is Lisa and I am a self-proclaimed Geek Girl. I have been teaching technology workshops for the past 10 years. It is my passion! My goal is to help you feel more comfortable with your software.

I have a computer repair background and have worked in a technical support position. Trust me when I say, I have spoken with many different people, and it was definitely a challenging position. People were not calling in to say Hi, this is a GREAT product …….. I just wanted to say thank you!

People only called of course when there is an issue…. For the most part, most people were fairly good. When I was taking tech support calls I sometimes noticed that some agents didn’t seem to have patience and sometimes their tone bothered me. I also felt most of the people calling in were, of course, frustrated because they were having issues, but also because they were also vulnerable because they were asking for help.

Being able to share my knowledge with my clients is a great experience. Whether it is someone setting up their first WordPress site, or learning social media, using Skype for the first time it is incredible to see them confident in their new technology skills.