New Computer Setup

Computer Setup

Computer Setup

 New laptop, so what's next? Let Geek Girl Media help you by setting up your computer, installing updates, a printer, and more.

What we will do…

• Get your new PC set up & working just the way you like it
• Install critical software and operating system updates
• Optimize system settings in order to maximize performance
• Uninstall any pre-installed software you don't need
• Install your favourite programs (customer must provide software)
• Install a printer so you can print out documents and photos (customer must provide printer)
• Transfer data to your new device from up to one existing computer Please note: Hardware / Software parts are not included.

In-Store $77
In-Home $147*

ADD - Create Recovery Media for an Additional (New System) - This is an add-on service.  Cannot be sold alone, must accompany another service.
In-Store $20
In-Home $20

*price may vary depending on location